JIKI Boutique can dress you like a princess
By Ivette Fernandez

At JIKI Boutique you can look and feel like princess - a real princess that is. This is because designer Jeanette Irene Kerstin Ivarson, whose initials make up the brand JIKI, is the official designer for Princess Stephanie and Princess Caroline of Monaco. JIKI's creations take birth in Monte Carlo, where hand embroideries and Haute Couture finishes are demanded.

The boutique located in the Streets of Mayfair offers the JIKI Couture line of evening dresses, as well as pret-a-porter (ready to wear) styles and business suits. Since their opening in May, there has been a great response from the American consumer. JIKI is extremely well known throughout Europe but has only had a presence in the states for two years. Her clothing line is now sold in exclusive boutiques in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Atlanta, and Palm Beach.

"JIKI's style is sexy yet elegant, and the fit is always right. Women emerge from the dressing room looking beautiful," said Annette Fitoussi, General Manager of JIKI Boutiques. Wherever JIKI designs are known, they are known for their elegance, sophistication and femininity. The designer works only with the most beautiful fabrics from Abraham, Bianchini-Ferrier and other suppliers selected for quality aesthetics.

The customers at JIKI Boutique range in age from 18 to over 50. The original designs are flattering to all women. "When I design dresses, I want the women who wear them to say, ‘Your dresses are magic. I feel beautiful in them," JIKI herself has been quoted as saying. With the popularity of her fashions, a JIKI Haute Couture boutique is scheduled to open in Bal Harbor.

Among the lines that JIKI has launched are JIKI Couture, where the JIKI look is still formal but more accessibly priced from pieces selling from $600-$2,000, as opposed to the Haute Couture, the high fashion gowns that start at $5,000. To meet the popular demand for JIKI products, the "ready to wear" casual line was launched as well as iKiTo. IKiTo is an extension of JIKI for the younger generation's demand in style and price, while maintaining the JIKI signature look. There are also plans to grow the JIKI accessories line, which include shoes, handbags, belts, custom jewelry, and the JIKI Wedding line.

JIKI is sharing with women from all over the world and of all ages, through her large range of fashion, her own sense of feminine elegance.

Annette Fitoussi explains, "Many of the current clientele is local and is new to discover JIKI, but many come from as far as Latin America, such as Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela to buy dresses. These women already are familiar with JIKI designs, and sometimes don't even have to try the dresses on." Women come from all over specifically because they know they will find that unique dress that will set them apart for a special evening event.

Visit the JIKI Boutique at the Mayfair Shops, and see for yourself the many selections of beautiful dresses. You will be treated like royalty, and with a simple wave of a credit card, you too can look like a princess.

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